Tree Pruning


Pruning is a landscaping technique generally used for shrubs and trees. If you have wondered what simple steps you can take to make your yard more appealing and gorgeous, pruning is a practical step to get unruly or overgrown trees under control.

A healthy and beautiful landscape increases the value of your property and provides an array of benefits that includes preventing problems and eliminating liabilities. Our company has an experienced team ready to work with you to determine the best pruning options and timetable to care for your landscape and promote the wellbeing of your trees.

When to Use Pruning

Pruning is a tree care service that contributes to the growth capacity and health of trees. It can be difficult to determine when pruning your trees is necessary or why it is necessary for the health of your trees.

Branches that are dead, infected, or broken can stunt the growth of trees and cause the trees to look dull or drab. Proper and regular pruning also protects against potential safety hazards, such as falling branches or growth near structures or power lines. Pruning is also helpful to shape and size your trees, and adds to your yard’s aesthetic.

Health of Trees

Plants require regular pruning in order to continue healthy and continued growth. Trees are no exception. The health and stature of trees also impact the plant life surrounding them. If a tree is significantly overgrown it can block out sunlight to smaller plants, such as flowers, and also block moisture. Furthermore, trees with structurally weak branches can result in major problems and costs. Nobody wants a dead tree branch to fall on their house or any nearby power lines.

Healthy trees and regular maintenance promotes a healthier environment with less long-term associated costs. Tree Service Ashburn VA specialists can safely remove dead branches and maintain the health of your trees and landscape.

Pruning Timetable

The timing and frequency in which you have your trees pruned are important factors in the health of your yard and trees. The timing of pruning is dependent on the season, in addition to the tree species.

Annual pruning is required for most tree species. Pruning trees in the winter when they are dormant can encourage spring growth. However, if you would like to stunt the growth development, pruning branches in the summer will do the trick. Lastly, if you would like to encourage blooming or flowering, prune immediately after the blooming cycle.

When to Hire a Professional

Determining whether to hire a professional to prune your trees or do it yourself can be difficult. If you have tall trees that would require you to carry out the task at dangerous heights or if the trees are near power lines, it would be safer to hire a professional.

In addition, if you have multiple trees in your landscape that require regular attention calling a professional can be a great time saver. Give us a call today for any of your pruning questions. Find out much more details about us.