Tree Removal

Tree Removal

While our main goal is to provide services that allow for healthy trees to thrive, the removal of trees can become a necessity. Tree removal can become necessary to remove dying or dead trees, following storm damage, or those that have become too dangerous and a hazard to a home. Maybe you have an expansion project in the pipeline and have recently been wondering, “Which companies provide tree removal near me?” Tree Service Ashburn VA can safely remove any trees that are hindering future projects or have died and are negatively impacting surrounding greenery.


The tree removal and tree trimming process can be complex depending on the size and location of the tree(s). Depending on the size, some trees may need to be removed piece by piece or may require specialized equipment and climbing to dangerous heights. The tree species and surrounding greenery will also be taken into account when determining the best options moving forward in the tree removal process.

Our trained professionals can assess the complexity of the tree(s) you need removed and can give you all of the details involved to successfully and safely complete the project. Give us a call today to start discussing your individual project.


There can be some confusion on how trees are cut down or why you can’t just take an axe or chainsaw to the tree. You should never try to remove a tree yourself, since unexpected conditions could make removal dangerous to you or your property.

Trees can be located near power lines, which present an increased danger during the removal process. Before removing a tree it’s important to take note of the environment and clear the area surrounding the tree(s) in order to ensure safety and the integrity of structures or other items around the yard. A professional should be utilized to ensure a tree falls in a safe direction or is brought down in pieces.

Branch Cutting

Large trees may have many large branches that require attention before the base of the tree can be addressed. These branches need to be cut down piece by piece.

A saw blade is needed for thicker branches, while a simple tree branch cutter or tree pruner can be used for smaller branches. Tall and expansive trees may also require climbing equipment and can be more complex and time-consuming. Our team has the necessary skills to handle these complex projects. Give us a call to ask us about removal options after the tree is cut down, such as wood chipping.


During the tree removal process, you can choose to leave the stump or have the stump removed. Perhaps you do not mind and have no need to have the stump removed during the trunk and branch removal process.

Stumps can be significantly more difficult and complex to remove, depending on the location and condition of the roots. We offer a stump grinding and removal service, which you can view in more detail on the corresponding page.