The need for a tree service company can result from a variety of factors and conditions. Trees may need to be removed after dying during the winter, becoming infested with pests, or they may have become a danger to the home given their proximity. Well cared for trees can add considerably to the value of your property, whereas poorly cared for trees can become a significant liability.

    Tree Service Ashburn VA provides a variety of services to enhance the wellbeing of your landscape. We value safety, and encourage tree work to be done only by professionals who have the necessary training and equipment.

    About Us

    Trusted for years in the Ashburn area, our company has a team of highly experienced arborists, who are masters in the art and science of maintaining and caring for trees. We provide quality tree care and service in a timeframe that works for you.

    We value our clients and work to develop close working relationships in order to provide the best tree care and service for all of your needs. As a local business, our team has expert knowledge on which trees survive best in the Ashburn area, and what is necessary for their continued growth and wellbeing given the tree species and environmental conditions.

    Our Services

    You can trust us to provide all of your tree care and service needs. We provide an array of services, such as tree removal and stump grinding, and your regular pruning and trimming needs. Furthermore, we provide regular maintenance services, such as spraying for pests and providing trees with necessary nutrients.

    We are dedicated to the health of your greenery and the beauty of your landscapes. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding our services, associated costs, or tree care in general.

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    Tree Service

    When done the right way, tree services can improve the wellbeing of your trees and make your landscape gorgeous. Our company provides environmentally friendly tree services to keep your trees healthy, such as spraying for pests and providing nutrient boosts.

    Regularly spraying your trees for pests can keep harmful insects and disease from causing tree death and spreading to surrounding greenery. Providing nutrients can promote healthy growth that enhances your tree’s vigor.

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    Tree Removal

    Tree removal can become necessary following death or decay, storm damage, obstructive views, or expansion projects. We can safely remove any trees on your property in an efficient time frame.

    Tree removal can be a dangerous and complicated process, and we recommend consulting a professional for any large trees or trees near structures and power sources. We also understand tree removal can be costly, however we provide competitive rates for our valued clients. Give us a call today to discuss tree removal cost.

    “The trees in our yard had become unmanageable and were too much for us to handle on our own. We just didn’t have the time to mess with all the trees we have in our yard. Tree Service Ashburn VA was amazing when it came to pruning all of our trees, and was very easy to work with. We have used them twice so far, and will be using them for our regular pruning needs, so our yard will always look this great!” – Timothy B.

    Tree Trimming

    Our tree trimming service allows you to create the landscaping design you’ve been aiming for. An obstructed view can be frustrating, and can easily be remedied with our tree trimming service, which can include a tree topper service, if needed.

    If you have multiple trees in your yard, we can trim them to match, or perhaps you need the trees or hedges trimmed to let more sunlight and moisture reach surrounding plants. We are happy to help with all of these regular tree care needs.

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    Tree Cutting

    Tree Service Ashburn VA provides quality tree cutting services. Cutting down and into trees can be complex and dangerous, given a tree’s size and location.

    We always recommend consulting an experienced professional for your tree cutting needs. Unforeseen complications can arise at any time in the process and cause damage to surrounding structures or power lines.

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    “We had a very large tree in our backyard that looked to be dying for quite some time. We finally called Tree Service Ashburn VA who came out and removed the tree. We also got the stump ground down. The yard looks much better now and the grass surrounding the area is starting to grow back. Their service is very professional and affordable.” – Jared K.

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    Stump Grinding

    Stumps can be terrible eyesores or become hassles to mow around. Our highly experienced team can grind down the stumps to create a more fluid and beautiful landscape.

    We have stump grinders on hand. Tree stump removal can also be easily done at the time you have a tree removed from your property.

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    Tree Pruning

    Pruning is important to the growth cycle of trees and maintaining branch structure, which impacts the overall appearance of the trees. Regular pruning not only prevents future liabilities and hazards, but also can improve a tree’s vigor and beauty, and provide healthier and more plentiful fruit, given the tree species.

    Give us a call today for a custom evaluation and individual pruning plan to keep your trees healthy all year long.

    “I am so grateful for Tree Service Ashburn VA. I have several oak trees in my yard that were starting to look really drab. I called and they came right out to give an estimate and evaluation. The trees now get regular trimming, spraying, and nutrients. The trees are now looking much more lively, and less like it is Halloween all year long.” – Sandra T.

    Contact Us Today

    Are you unsure where to start when it comes to dying or overgrown trees, or about which options you can choose from? Give us a call today to experience working with professionals that have the expertise and training for all of your tree service and landscaping needs.

    We are happy to provide you with a cost estimate and answer any questions you may have.