Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Do you have trees in your yard you wished had more shape or fit the overall design you have created for your yard or landscape? Perhaps you wish to enjoy a view or have all of the trees in your yard match.

Trimming the trees or hedges to your preference is an option. Our team can work closely with you to design and maintain your trees and hedges to fit your desired landscape ideals. Trimming is a landscaping technique that can keep your greenery beautiful throughout the year.

Trimming Versus Pruning

Trimming and pruning can often become confused and used interchangeably, however there are several distinct differences and functions. Pruning is used to ensure and encourage healthy tree growth and the removal of any dead or dying branches.

Trimming on the other hand is used for design and aesthetic purposes. Both services use cutting methods, however the tools vary. Sheers are often utilized for pruning and a pruning saw might be used for projects with thicker branches, while trimming is done using clippers powered manually, electrically, or are gas powered.

Aesthetic and Design

Trimming and cutting trees can produce a clean look for your yard and can allow you to shape the tree to your desired preferences. Trimming can also aid surrounding landscape by addressing dense trees or bushes that block out necessary moisture and sunlight. It can often be difficult to realize the impact an overgrown or extremely thick tree or hedge could have on your surrounding greenery.

All plant life requires an adequate amount of regular sunlight and moisture. As an added benefit, a manicured landscape can increase the value of your property. You can count on our experienced arborists to work with you in creating a beautiful green space for you to enjoy.


The timetable for trimming your trees is dependent on your landscape and the design you would like to maintain. Trimming your trees is needed twice a year in order to maintain your desired design. Usually one of the trimming cycles will fall after the flowering season. It is important to trim your trees and hedges during the ideal growth cycles to maintain desired branch length.

Working with a timetable of twice a year will ensure your landscape maintains its beauty all year long. Our company will work with you to decide on a timetable that works best for you and your yard.

When to Hire a Professional

Hiring a tree trimmer or hedge trimmer can free up valuable time, and also ensures the greenery is not trimmed too bare and damage the tree. Trimming trees can often require special equipment or be in a location that makes performing the task dangerous or hazardous.

Our team of professionals has the necessary training to handle any type of tree branch cutter or perform a tree topper task employing necessary safety protocols. Employing a professional also provides extra guidance on what trees need, and what designs will work best for your space.